Alyssa Hirji, a Lawyer Admitted to the Bar in Nevada, Florida & DC, and Convicted Felon Daddy’s Nominee, Signs for a Mercedes Benz S-550 Lunar Blue Coupe

Alyssa Hirji

Alyssa Hirji, according to her Linkedin account and I quote, is an, “Attorney & Marketing Communication Manager for Furniture Fashions & Champagne Salon & Spa”.

This woman has no excuse, as Shady Shafik’s other children might. She is admitted to the bar in Nevada, Florida and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC). She’s supposed to be an intelligent woman. Why would she attach her name to her convicted felon father, Shafik Hirji, at all, let alone allegedly sign for a 2016 S550 Mercedes Benz coupe registered in the state of Nevada with a car payment in excess of $2,000 a month?

Click on the link below to see the Champagne Salon & Spas item that details how they not only closed and stiffed people, but were also the subject of several not so friendly TV reports: “More customers come forward after unexpected salon closing

Getting involved in this kind of thing as a young attorney is something that can affect your career and hang with you for quite a while. Alyssa, why don’t you smarten up and stay away from your deadbeat father in the business world. And stop signing for cars.

Why would a girl, fresh out of law school, who’s been admitted to the bar in three jurisdictions across the country, get involved with someone like Shady Shafik, even if it is her own father? It just boggles the mind.



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Could Shafik Brown Really be This Stupid? Attention, IRS CID (Criminal Investigation Division): An Alleged Possible Case of Structuring?

“Structuring” according to the IRS, is illegal. Structuring transactions to evade BSA (Bank Security Act) reporting is when someone sets up a transaction to not exceed $10,000 in an attempt to evade reporting the transaction to the IRS. The law states that if the same payer makes two or more transactions of more than $10,000 in a 24-hour period, the business must treat the transactions as one transaction and report the payments. These laws are part of the BSA. Take a look at how the IRS defines structuring (click on the image to render it larger to read more easily):

Could Shafik Brown really be this stupid? After you read the above definition of structuring, take a look below at a number of checks written by the same payer (Shafik Brown, it’s hard to recognize his signature) from one bank account over the course of a day. All of them are under $10,000. Look at the check sequencing numbers. Each of them are different. Each are from the same account, which I’ve redacted for privacy concerns.

I don’t know, I’m just an online reputation management guy trying to make a living, but something tells me that the IRS might want to take a look at what’s going on here.

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Welcome to — a Website Dedicated to Unmasking Shafik Hirji, His Proxies and His Business Dealings

This website will detail what I have found out through extensive research and pouring over information related to the subject of this study, a person I call “Shady” Shafik Hirji. Shady Shafik, in my opinion, uses proxies through which he directs his business dealings as well as his personal matters. Stand by for all the details.

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